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20 Warning Signs of Being Suicidal (15)

This is a bit of a heavier post, but an incredibly important topic nonetheless, especially in these unprecedented times. A CDC survey reports that during 2020, 1 in 4 young adults contemplated suicide in the last 30 days, and some parts of America have seen a 67% increase in suicide rates in 12-17 year olds. Much of this is due to having to live in much higher isolation than what we're used to because of the effects of COVID-19, which has increased feelings of anxiety and depression. However, suicide has been an extreme problem since before COVID, with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention reporting a heartbreaking 47,511 deaths in America being by suicide and an estimated 1.38 million suicide attempts, all as of 2019. Suicide is often a silent battle within oneself, one that isn't typically recognized until irreversible damage is done. This is why we need to be especially mindful of the warning signs, so we can not only notice them in the ones we love, but ourselves too. Below, I've listed 20 warning signs of being suicidal. If you notice these in yourself, please don't hesitate to ask for help (I've left the suicide prevention hotline down below). If you notice these in someone else, please research on how to help in any way you can.


  1. Sharing/having feelings of hopelessness and having no purpose.

  2. Sharing/having feelings of being a burden.

  3. Erratic sleeping patterns.

  4. Increases usage of alcohol or drugs.

  5. Suddenly being socially withdrawn/isolated.

  6. Sudden and extreme mood swings.

  7. Looking for ways to commit suicide.

  8. Acting unusually anxious and/or reckless.

  9. Talking about wanting to die or feeling like so.

  10. Giving away personal items.

  11. Sharing/feeling strong feelings of guilt and shame.

  12. Being unusually sensitive to minor irritations.

  13. Expressing extreme suffering, especially during times of grief.

  14. Struggling to find meaning/appreciation to things they/you used to.

  15. Sharing/having feelings of being trapped.

  16. Sharing/having strong feelings of self hatred.

  17. Self harm.

  18. Expressing that they/you feel no one cares about them/you and what happens to them/you.

  19. Sharing/having feelings of extreme loneliness.

  20. Unusual eating behaviors.

*Please remember that you are not alone in the battle you are fighting, even if it feels like you are. There are people who want to help you and see you thrive. There are people, including myself, who want to help you. You are loved and more than worthy of living a life of happiness and fulfillment, and you are strong enough to get there. You are more than your struggles, and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. I am always available to listen to you, and you can reach me through my email as well as contact me through this website.*

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