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Spirituality in Mental Health: Meditation (5)

I feel that there definitely isn't enough discussion on the spiritual aspect of mental health. For me, one of the most helpful ways to get in a better, more calm headspace has been practicing meditation. I find a lot of security in being able to ground myself through meditation, especially on days where I feel like I can't catch a break from anxious, unmotivated, and intrusive thoughts running through my mind. There are endless ways you can meditate, it's all about whatever helps you the most in detaching from what's crowding your mind and finding peace in the present. Sometimes it feels impossible to rest your mind but no matter how hard you're trying to keep up, you can only go so far without a mental break until you burn yourself out. Taking just a few minutes out of your day to focus solely on yourself in the present can put you in a calmer mindset to take on life's obstacles.

I personally began with guided meditations from Youtube, which was super helpful in keeping me focused, and as I kept meditating, I found it easier for me to meditate on my own. That's the beauty of meditation; the more you do it, you will reach a greater state of mental focus and awareness which helps tasks that once seemed completely undoable a lot easier to achieve. Personally, my mind always seems to be going a million miles per minute, so I understand how it can be difficult to practice being in such a heightened state of focus. One super effective method for me when I need to detach from whatever is taking up my thoughts is by focusing on my heartbeat with each inhale and exhale. I try to count 5 beats per inhale, 5 beats per exhale, and I find it really easy and calming for me to focus only on the sound of my heart. Meditation can further extend to manifestation through visualizing your goals, and I'll get into detail about that in an upcoming post. What are some ways you like to meditate, or some methods you want to try? If you want any recommendations for guided meditations or other methods I've used, let me know!

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