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My Story

Welcome to Alifea!  My name is Leena Aziz and I’m a high school Junior in the Central Valley.   I'm of Middle Eastern heritage, hence the translation of "Aleafia" to "wellness" in Arabic.  I have gone through my own personal battles with mental health, especially with the impact of COVID-19, but I've decided to embrace my struggles in hopes to help others find peace in knowing that they're not alone. I’ve created this website to not only share my story but also as a safe place for us to go on our journeys together.  Here, you can learn about the scientific aspect of mental health, and WHY your struggles with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and more are valid, as well as the spiritual aspect that helped me so much, which I hope will encourage you to realize your own power through the Law of Attraction, meditation, gratitude, and so on. Here, you are part of a judgement free community, free of the burden of fighting alone.  Your story is incredibly important to me, so I’ve provided my email down below for you to reach me if you need advice, inspiration, or just a friend to talk to. I am so grateful you’re here!

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