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3 Things to Remember this Holiday Season

The holiday season is often a make-or-break time period for many in regard to their mental states. Here are some remembrances that I live by that can help pull you out of a rough spot.

1.) It's normal to feel tense and anxious, but it's so important to remember to prioritize your mental health for max productivity. Even though it might feel like the end of the world sometimes, everything truly does work out in the end. Whatever is meant to be will be!

2.) Some days, it's easier to take things slower, and that is perfectly fine. Try not to force any expectations of perfection onto yourself. Be kind to you!

3.) It's always okay to set boundaries, even if it means ultimately needing to end a relationship with someone you do care about. You can't lead a life of happiness if you're constantly trying to please others despite it being damaging to the way you feel. Switch the focus to your inner peace, and you'll find that you can form more genuine, positive relationships with others-- and yourself! There is no reason to feel guilty for putting yourself first.

I hope everyone has a restful holiday season. As always, feel free to share any other tips you feel might help others!

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