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4 Ways to Protect Your Energy (13)

I've used the phrase "protect your energy" a few times in previous posts, but I've realized how it's a bit of a foreign concept to many people. We're typically advised to surround ourselves with people who make us feel happy and to do things that make us happy, and that's exactly what protecting our energy means. Protecting our energy is simply knowing our worth and alleviating dark energy that can create feelings of mental suffering, so we are able to be better surrounded by positive energy that empowers us. I've compiled a list of my favorite ways I protect my own energy, and I encourage you to prioritize your spiritual energy as much as you can!

  1. I find that surrounding myself with nature helps ground me and purify my headspace. According to certified ayurvedic and holistic health practitioner Bess O’Connor, being in nature help curate positive emotions that are linked to lower levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines, which signal the immune system to work harder. This is especially helpful for when I'm feeling overwhelmed.

  2. Using power words, or words with powerful amount of meaning, when speaking to yourself help curate a specific energy. You can use power words when you're trying to get rid of a negative energy. For example, when you're feeling hateful, using the word love helps replace this dark energy with a lighter energy. If you're feeling angry, using the word “calm” helps in the same way.

  3. Meditation practices are perhaps one of the most helpful ways I protect my energy. Just by focusing on calming my vibrations through a quick meditation, I'm able to level my aura in a way where I feel more connected to positive energies of calmness and vibrancy, and negative energies are deflected.

  4. Cleansing my environment also helps deflect negative energy. I'm still learning about different types of cleansing that others use, such as crystals, but I find that simply surrounding myself with a calm atmosphere with peaceful music and lighting makes a huge difference in clearing my headspace. The most important part of cleansing is setting an intention to release any negative energy. Cleansing helps me with self reflection and being overall more preserving light and vibrant energies.

I hope you've found these ideas helpful and easy! If you have any additional ways to protect your energy, please share them down below!

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