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Destigmatizing Mental Illness (2)

One of the most vital contributions to helping others overcome their battle with mental illness is to remove the negative stigma surrounding it. Due to a lack of understanding derived from false representations from the media, general perceptions on mental illness are based on fear. Sadly, this stigma prevents many people struggling with mental health from getting help in fear of their problems being invalidated, but it's crucial to understand that being able to express our emotions freely has a profound impact on relationships, personal peace of mind, and ultimately, the way we live our lives each day. For the sake of others and ourselves individually, we need to take it upon ourselves to become educated on the WHY, the reasoning behind all of the varying mental illnesses. This reasoning ranges from scientific to spiritual, and the further that this understanding spreads, the easier it will be for people struggling to open up. It takes a unified effort to combat this issue of stigma revolving around mental illness, and each of us individually must do our part! Through this website, educate yourself on the WHY, and you will have the resources to help yourself and those around you. How has the stigma surrounding mental illness affected you, or the ones you love? Share down below!

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