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National Eating Disorder Awareness (NEDA) Week: Things to Remember

NEDA Week, otherwise known as National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, serves as an annual movement to spread awareness on the complexities of eating disorders, and to provide strength and support to those struggling. With NEDA Week coming to a close, I wanted to remind anybody struggling that there is hope.

As a few more reminders:

  1. Clothes are made to fit YOUR body. You are not made to fit a certain size. The numbers on the tags of clothes we buy do not dictate anything other than the measurements of the material that is made to accommodate YOUR body. Sizes do NOT determine your value as a person.

  2. On that note, we are carriers of love, kindness, and intelligence. THAT is the substance of our value as human beings. How can we carry so much potential to make a positive difference in this world and the lives of others and yet, be brainwashed into thinking that we have to tear our bodies down to fit a standard that has no influence on our character?

  3. GROWING IS NORMAL. This can’t be expressed enough and most definitely is not by the media that constantly pushes diet culture to fight against our normal bodily functions. Our bodies are not meant to stay the same size throughout years of growing and changing. In the same ways that is unjustifiable to punish our Earth for changing seasons, it is counteractive, unproductive, and toxic to punish our bodies for keeping us healthy.

  4. You cannot win with an eating disorder. I say this bearing in mind the extremely competitive nature of EDs, with victims constantly feeling the urge to compete with others and themselves in order to feel validated. It is a hard pill to swallow, but eating disorders will only show you loss and defeat when you deserve to succeed in everything that life can offer.

  5. And finally, LIFE IS MORE THAN WHAT AN EATING DISORDER BRINGS. Life is about love, trying new things, sharing experiences, and building healthy relationships. The beauty of life cannot be found in the numbers on a scale or in counting every calorie. Living life takes the courage and bravery that is within each and every one of us, and we owe it to ourselves to channel this energy in favor of our own happiness.

Again, throughout NEDA Week, and every other week, there is hope for anybody struggling. There is support coming from every side to help fight for what every human deserves: The right to enjoy life for the light it gives.

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