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Spirituality in Mental Health: The Law of Attraction (LOA) Explained (6)

AKA the one of the most life changing spiritual practices that completely changed my outlook on life. One of the worst feelings is drowning in a suffocating loss of control, and being stuck in a seemingly permanent cycle can make it very easy to feel powerless. But it's the second you realize your own power within your vibrations and frequencies that you'll see changes happening right in front of you. According to Michael J. Losier in his best selling book, Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't, the reasoning behind the Law of Attraction, as well as the nature of consciousness as a whole, is simply this: vibrations and frequencies. Your vibrations have to do with none other than your brain. The millions of brain cells we have are formed by millions of electrons, so when we form thoughts, our brain cells begin vibrating in frequencies that are attracting things/circumstances/people of the same vibration. Essentially, thoughts are an electro-manifestation of our brains. Albert Einstein once said, "Everything in life is vibration", and this is exactly true. All things in our universe are made of energy that is vibrating in a constant state of motion (all forms of matter are essentially layers of vibrations of various underlying fields), and like energy attracts like energy to an extent that is limitless! This explains why happy, optimistic people are surrounded by positivity more than those who are more negative.

When I began to understand the LOA, I finally became aware of the beauty and versatility of our minds. I understand how easy it is to give up, and to feel like you're just stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts. While very important, it can be difficult to completely reprogram your mind especially when it has been consumed by mental illness that can completely drain you of hope and motivation. This is why I started off with making small life changes (example), which has led me to finding an even more powerful inner strength to manifest greater things (another post). In my next post, I will talk about ways to manifest, what I have manifested, and address misconceptions!

I hope that from this post you were able to take away two things: Your mind is limitless, and it's you who has the greatest control in harnessing this power. Recently, the concepts of the LOA and manifestation have been widely addressed topics all over social media, which is where I first learned of them. What else have you learned about these topics? If you have any questions like I definitely did, please ask me below or email me!

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