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The Act of Letting Go in Manifestation and Relieving a Heavy Heart (21)

I feel as though one of the most valuable pieces of advice for maintaining a positive and healthy mindset is simply letting go. I've been told to "just let it go" by family and friends during times of distress, although it's definitely much easier said than done. I'm dedicating a post simply to this concept because it's something I've struggled with a lot during my journey, but is also something that has helped me immensely in growing stronger mentally. In this post, I’ll be explaining how to let go of what no longer serves us, and explaining how this is helpful both in mental health and spiritual health.

One thing I've learned from battling anxious and intrusive thoughts is that it truly does no good to dwell on circumstances that are simply not in my control, whether they be cursing myself for old mistakes or times I've felt wronged by others in the past, or constantly fretting about my future. As we all know but struggle to accept, our minds are capable of amazing things, far more than putting our brain power to dwell on things that worry us. Although I still struggle out of human nature, learning to be present and content with the now has helped me so much in releasing negative energy that no longer serves me. If you've also struggled with holding on to the past with grudges and regrets, as well as letting intrusive thoughts about your future take control of your mental health and completely drain you, don't let that define you! The only thing worthy of defining your power and strength is not your past or future, but your growth in the present. Although it seems like common sense, it's only human nature to slip back into habits of holding on to what no longer serves you; it feels natural to try and hold on to negative energy in an attempt to justify or understand it. To grow from this, I've found it helpful to appreciate what I have here and now. This way, I'm channeling only positive energy and acknowledging the good things in life outweigh the bad and thus deserve my attention so I can make the most out of them! On days where this is especially difficult for me, I incorporate little reminders throughout my routine that help me better understand that no human is perfect and moving on from what is holding me back is much more beneficial than holding on to what I simply can't control. Some of my favorite ways to remind myself of this are listening to music or reading quotes that embrace this message. I also find that physically writing about what's making me anxious, then following up with written reminders that it doesn't define me and isn't worth exhausting myself helps me reason with my thoughts. At the end of the day, life is a series of lessons, and it's up to us to learn them or not. So, try to focus on using your power to channel strength in making the present beautiful instead of wasting it on what no longer serves you!

This brings me to letting go as a part of manifestation. It's important not to let the idea of manifestation confuse us into obsessing over the future, because manifestation is a tool that serves us in the present! One can achieve this by “living in the end”, which is just living in a way where you assume that you have attracted the final form of all your desires. I used to get confused and think that the purpose of manifestation was to manipulate the future, which led me to be constantly worrying about how my own future would unfold. However, as I've discussed before, manifestation is simply accepting what's yours (what you're trying to manifest), and allowing the Universe to conform its circumstances to what is meant to serve you. Without letting go and obsessing over our desires, all we're doing is confirming that we don't have what we want, and these are the frequencies we will attract. Think about it: If you are feeling fulfilled and happy, you wouldn’t be obsessing over these feelings, because we already have them. If we have “x” amount of money, we aren’t going to worry about it, because we already have it. This is how I look at it, and I personally have seen the difference in actually attracting my manifestations when I let go and understand that I have them!

Letting go serves us in all aspects of life, much more than risking our mental health just to dwell on what has already happened, or hasn't even happened yet. I know that, as important as it is, it's one of the most difficult steps of growing stronger mentally, so if you would like any more tips that have helped me, please let me know! If you have any tips yourself, please share them down below!

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