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The Relationship Between the Heart and Mind

As I've said before, I believe that professional insight is crucial in discussing the importance of understanding the various ways in which our mental and physical health are connected. I would like to thank my dad, Dr. Kusai Aziz, for contributing his own knowledge as a cardiologist on this topic!

"It has been always known that there is a strong bidirectional relationship between the heart and the brain and the health of each one of them depends on the other. Part of that strong relationship is that we refer to our feelings (like happiness, sadness, or excitement) that are brain functions as something happening to the heart and felt by it.

The heart and brain communicate with each other in more than one way. The most important one is through the central nervous system, namely through the Vagus nerve and its branches. The heart has a complex network of nerve cells that regulate its work in communication with the brain. There are other ways of communication between these two vital organs, including their magnetic fields which are not well understood and need more research.

Recent research studies are showing that people with mental stress and depression are at higher risk of getting sick and dying because of heart conditions like heart attacks and heart failure.

Therefore, there is an additional important benefit of having mental wellness that is to have better heart health."

Dr. Kusai Aziz, Visalia Cardiovasular and Medical Center

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