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Things to be Grateful For (12)

I've been having a rough time recently with trying to pull myself out of an especially anxious headspace (which is okay, because progress isn't linear), so naturally, I haven't really been focusing on all there is to be grateful for. I wanted to make this post to serve as a reminder of all the good in life for anyone who needs it, myself included, because focusing on the good things always helps take my mind off of whatever is making me upset. If you have anything that you're grateful for that you'd like to share, please do so down below!

-The Sun, because I love when the weather's warm. If I'm feeling an anxiety attack coming, it really helps me relax to go outside and focus on the warmth of the Sun.

-Music, because it helps me relate my feelings to certain lyrics.

-Animals, especially my pets, because I find comfort in their pure souls.

-Traveling, because it helps ground me to realize that the world is too big to feel like it's caving in on me. Traveling also helps me look forward to the endless possibilities of places to explore and journeys to take.

-Starry nights, because they remind me of how full of possibility the universe is.

-Being able to learn something new, a privilege I often take for granted.

-Being able to give love, because it reminds me of how vulnerable I am as a human, which helps me remember that it's okay for me to be imperfect.

-My courage and strength, which push me to keep going even if times are tough.

-This one takes me a little bit of reflection, but my mistakes, because every single mistake leads me to a life lesson that was meant to be.

I hope this short list has instilled some hope or inspiration in any of you. Please feel free to add your own ideas down below!

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