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Triple P's: The 3 Pillars of Positive Psychology (4)

Understanding positive psychology and how to implement it in your every day life is one of the most crucial steps to bettering you mental health. Positive psychology is defined by three fundamental pillars: positive experience, positive individual traits, and positive institutions.

Positive experience means finding peace in the past (it's no use worrying about something that's over, it's all a learning experience and was meant to happen), happiness in the present (you've made it so far, it's healthiest to focus on the joyful aspects of life rather than dwell on the inevitable negatives), and having a hopeful view on the future rather than worrying about what's out of your control (remember: no amount of worrying will change the future, so just try to enjoy the ride and find optimism in life's obstacles)!

Positive traits is in reference to bettering yourself through activities that encourage a mindset of resilience and self love. Journaling is one of my favorite ways to affirm that I am worthy, creative, loved, hard-working, whatever you need to hear! But it can be whatever you want, whatever puts you in a positive mindset. The more you engage in these activities, positivity will become a greater part of your daily routine and overall outlook on life! If you want some tips on journaling or want to hear some of my other favorite activities I use to affirm my positive traits, let me know down below--there's a lot!

Finally, positive institutions means surrounding yourself in communities that foster, well, positivity. For example, that club or organization within your school or town that advocates for community service is perfect for fostering teamwork, work ethic, responsibility, and purpose! There's infinite different forms of positive institution; it's equally as important to surround yourself with people like friends and family who motivate you to be the best form of yourself. Speaking from personal experience, understanding these concepts of positive psychology will help open your eyes to seeing life in a much more optimistic light. If you have any ways of implementing the 3 pillars into your life, please share down below, I would love to hear some new ideas!

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