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Aug 22, 2022
In Self Help Forum
Through my high-school journey, I’ve learned about my own sexual identity and purpose in life. I tried for a very long time to fit into a mold my community desired me to mold into - change my form to fit theirs. As a Southern non-bianary person born female, the path hasn’t been easy and certainly not without confrontation. However, when I learned to zone out the noise and focus on what makes me happy, everything became clear. I was never going to want to be Captain of the Lacrosse team. I was never going to be a soft spoken lady. I am confident, loud, and brave just the way I am. by embracing the gifts true to myself, I found peace. I started realizing my gender fluidity when I embraced dance, fashion design, and activism: when I started living authentically. Looking back on all the times in my life I made a bad decision, it was because I didn’t trust my gut. Regardless of who you are, just do the shit you know is right in your heart. Love, Stacks
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